How To Choose Your Wedding Suit Guide

Congratulations! She said yes!

Have you got your wedding date booked?

If you’re one of the lucky grooms whose partner wants to take on the majority of the wedding planning don’t think you can just sit back and relax, it’s time to start planning your outfit.

Your wedding suit is possibly the most important suit a man could ever wear. The plan is to only have one wedding day so it needs to exactly right.

There are so many ways, places and people to buy suits from these days.

What you’ll be looking for is one that is fit for purpose, smart, and suits your body shape.

This all sounds like a lot of work, but relax. It can be done at Cube with very little stress.

Here’s our complete grooms guide for planning your wedding attire.



1. Get Measured.

This is of utmost importance. Don’t listen to those ‘Online Only’ Suit shops that tell you to measure yourself. Visit our store and get it done professionally and write down your measurements.



2. Match Your Suit With Your Wedding.

Look at the bigger picture. What us the season you’re getting married in? What colour will the leaves on the trees be, what colour will the bridesmaids be wearing? These are all factors you should be considering before choosing navy, light blue, black or gray.

Don’t forget to coordinate with the bride-to-be! Ask her to help you find a suit which compliments he dress style. You don’t need to see the dress but request colour swatches so you can see how the fabrics (yes there is more than 1 shade of white!)  look against the colours you’re considering.


3. Make Sure You Feel Comfortable.

If you’re having a destination wedding on the beautiful beaches of southern Spain you’ll dress far differently than if you’re getting married in Manchester.

Not only will the suit choice make you look in place it’ll help you stay comfortable.

Fabrics matter. Heavier fabrics like wool work well for weddings in winter, but  a more blended fabric will work all year round.


4. Do You Want Your Family & Groomsmen Dressed The Same?

The Groomsmen need to be distinctly higher quality than the rest of your guests but slightly less stunning than the groom. Its a tricky balance to accomplish. But here at Cube we can advise you with samples. Communication is key, the goal is to compliment the groom’s look so you look like a team.

Quick tip! Buy all ties, shirts, belts & shoes from the same place to perfectly match.


5. Alterations

Sometimes a quick tuck in is all you need. We can make sure your suit is perfectly made to measure.


6. Shirts – Ties – Belts – Shoes

Accessories can make or break your outfit. When it comes to your suit Cube has a great selection to make you stand out from the crowd in style.

Ties Colour matched to your theme.

Our shirts have timeless style and subtle design,


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