Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

How do we work together as a team and take some time out from the busy day to day life of running a fashion store? With our business being a small business it is so important to us to make sure the relationship we have with our staff is kept strong and that are teamwork skills are always kept at a high standard!

Here at Cube we believe that happy staff members makes for a smooth running experience for our customers. In March and April 2022 the team took turns in tackling some of the country’s top mountain bike venues and mountain paths. Whilst this may sound like a bad idea I can assure you nothing brings a team together more than a few near death experiences!

From Gisburn forest to Darwin tower and Rivington pike, with a finale for Chris birthday in Wales at Llandegla forest.


Every Friday for 4 weeks our MD Danny Shiers took the team out for a ride over the hills and mountains of the north of England and I am happy to report that each staff member returned safely (just about…)


Dan Hirst was first up in the Gisburn forest where he tackled felled trees and rocks and some wet weather but he was a trouper and managed to conquer the elements!

Next up was our Andy who took the more off road route, around Rivington pike and Darwin tower, this was the longest and hardest ride of the 3 weeks, with some serious calories burnt and miles covered (3hrs to be exact) his rear end was a touch red…


As you can tell from our little before and after pictures Andy clearly was having a blast!

Last up it was Chris Wiles and the massive purpose built forest of Llandegla in North Wales… He managed red and black runs in glorious sunshine and managed to make it home with a few minor scratches and a slap up birthday lunch in the café.

Unfortunately, the motorway was closed on the way home so it was late back to HQ where Andy was holding the forte.


Main thing was everyone worked as a team and enjoyed the time out of the business.


Team Cube are ready for what this next year has to throw at us as we are stronger than ever!

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