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Pantofola d’Oro Footwear

Pantofola d’Oro

SINCE 1886


Established in Ascoli Piceno, Pantofola d’Oro has become synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, legendary authenticity, and unmistakable Italian style.


Premium leathers and intricate design features make these shoes one of our best sellers, which last for years. Stocked in-store for over 10 years, new approaches to original styles are bought in regularly.


At the beginning of the 1950’s Emidio Lazzarini is a wrestler and a cobbler. When in the ring he is constantly upset with the boots they give him because they are slippery and uncomfortable. As he works in his father’s cobblers in Ascoli, he decides to make himself a pair of soft and comfortable boots to wear when he is wrestling in the ring.


At about the same time a footballing friend of his says that he cannot put up with the hard leather boots he wears as they are like stone. Emidio, is a bright type and decides to make football boots out of soft calf skin instead of the usual hard leather as described by his friend. His friend does not believe the difference – he no longer feels the pain caused by his old boots and he spreads the word about his new ones. Pantafola d’Oro was born!


And so the word spread, and Pantafola’s became the boots to wear for many local footballers. Milano became European and World champions, students began to grow their hair long, rock became widespread and the great footballers of the day wanted to wear Pantofola d’Oro. In the sixties the portfolio of Pantofola grew and grew. All the stars of the game wanted Pantofola boots.



Pantofola also made its mark on rugby, tennis, basketball, golf and bikeracing.

The fame of Lazzarini and of Pantofola d’Oro went beyond football and reached out to other important sports: rugby, tennis, golf, basketball, and even Italian cyclists Moser and Chiappucci wanted shoes of quality. Pantofola was happy to oblige.



In the early 2000’s the team attended an edition of Pitti, one of the world’s most important events for determining the styles of the immediate future, and took with them examples of an idea they had developed: two models of football boots from 1950 and 1956, adapted for a modern lifestyle setting. Distinctiveness and good taste. The interest in the shoes was remarkable: two months later the same shoes were presented in Paris and soon after they were to be found in the best shops around the world, including Cube St Annes

Football and leisure time. 100% Italian style. Quality materials and detailed attention. Made in Italy in the true sense. A real authentic product, produced not only in an authentic manner and with quality materials and following quality processes but founded on real values.

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