A True Cube Story.

A long time ago on Park Road, St Anne’s…
Shortly after this picture was taken in 2001, we had a meeting with our bank manager to show him our business plan, which in those days was written on the back of a cigarette packet.
His words to us were simple, “You will never be able to buy this building with a clothing business.”
This picture shows the before and after – 20 years later. If you had to ask us how we did it, it was partly because we wanted to prove him wrong, but mostly because of our loyal customers who could see our hard work & passion for business in everything we do.
Over the last 12 months so called “experts” have said to us is, “The high street is dead” or “You need to shut shop and sell online”, “Don’t reinvest.”
Guess what? – The Bank Manager was wrong and so are they.
After our third major reinvestment in 2021, Cube is back better than ever, all because of true stories like this and following our gut instincts in 2001 and still following them in 2021.
Hard work pays off and the high street is alive & kicking.
Here’s to the next 20 years and to a great Christmas season!
We Dont't Sell Clothers Online...
For us, buying clothes involves touching and feeling the quality of our fabrics. We know you expect great service built on 20 years experience a we work with you to find you the perfect fit. All our customers become friends who come back again and again.