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Summer Buyers Guide

Summer is just around the corner whether you're ready or not!

It won't be long until the sun is out, you and your family will be enjoying the nice weather, holding an ice cream on St Anne's beach.
We can't wait to try out that new ice cream shop on the promenade in Fairhaven!
We're dreaming about the smell of freshly cut grass, sun lotion, sizzling BBQ's and sounds of the sea.

We know you're savvy enough to not wear socks with sandals (Seriously don't!)

In this buyers guide we'll not just be giving you a list of what you shouldn't wear, but also style solutions to help explain, crucially, what's hot, and what's not this year!

No Flip Flops - Try Slip-ons!

Talking to mainly men here! - Nobody want's to see your hairy toes in Marks and Spencer.

Keep flip flops on the beach or the pool please!
We know this is controversial as flip-flops are the most common summer footwear, but wearing them long term can be bad for your feet. If do you choose to wear flip-flops regularly, be sure to wear a pair that have some arch support, a cushioned sole, and supportive straps.

No Cargo Shots - Try Jean Shorts!

Wear Less Black!

Common Mistake - Pink On Pink

Print is your friend not your enemy!

Don't stay plain! Experiment with silhouettes to transform your style!

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