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Meet the Team

Cube’s DNA runs deep into the heritage of a family run business. Based in the heart of Lytham St Annes since 2002. We pride ourselves in giving service to remember.

Team Cube is a mix of age, experience and a close knit family unit who have always listened to our loyal customers needs.

Service is part of everything we do. Going the extra mile comes as standard to us.

Most of our customers have become great friends over the years. We know if you visit our store, you will be hooked and join a community who support local businesses.

Danny Shiers
Emma Shiers
Chris Wiles
Andy Hibbs
Jade Parr
Yvonne Stafford
Helen Todd
Danny Shiers Jr
Charlie Shiers
Rocco The Dog


Here are a few interesting facts about our team:

Danny Shiers Snr – The son of a Window Dresser and Grandson of a Tailor, he has fashion in his blood. (Danny was a keen Motocross rider for 30 years.)

Emma Shiers – Started by running her own concession when she was 16 and boasts 30 years in the fashion industry. (Her handbag collection needs it’s own floor in the house.)

Chris Wiles – Without a doubt one of the best tailors & window dresses in the North West. Part of the team for 8 years. Mad about the gym.

Jade Parr – Started as a Saturday girl and has matured into a first class Women’s wear buyer. (Jade is also a fabulous singer who has produced her own singles.)

Andy Hibbs – A man, always on a mission. His motto is to get the job done. Loves his afternoon sweets. (Andy is a keen biker & on his days off can be found out on the open road.)

Yvonne Stafford – AKA, the money lady. Yvonne has looked after Cube’s finances for over 15 years. (She recently celebrated 50 years of marriage and her 70th.)

Helen Todd – A wizard in the tailoring world. Whatever the size she will make it fit perfectly. She has been working with us for over 15 years and is a very important part of our team.

Danny Shiers Jr – Our very own Cube baby. Born 8 weeks before Cube first opened. A master of all things tech.

Charlie Shiers – Well known for earning pocket money for making stock rooms and hanger alley looking their best.

Rocco The Dog – Our newest member to the team, Rocco joined us only 2 days before lock-down. He is looking forward to his winter wardrobe.


A Special Mention to Mrs. Sylvia Holmes, a loyal customer of Cube since day one, Sylvia visits every day and provides happiness and the occasional song for Team Cube!

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